“The menu was perfect…”

We hear that often, and it’s not by chance.  Michelle’s Catering creates a unique menu for each of our clients, and this allows us to provide a culinary experience that delights your guests and exceeds your expections.  Below is just a sample of your menu options.

We invite you to download our detailed corporate event and social celebrations menus.

Additional menu options may be found on our Weddings, Corporate Events, and Social Celebrations pages.

Hors D’oeuvres


Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with a Wasabi Pipette

Burrata with Balsamic Reduction

Chicken and Waffle Stack with Maple Aioli

Chicken Satay with Thai Peanut Sauce

Chorizo wrapped in Dates and draped with Hickory Smoked Bacon

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Mini Beef Tacos with Basil Aioli

Mini Beef Wellington with a Bordeaux Reduction

Mini Crab Cakes with Chipotle Aioli and Chives

Mini Main Lobster Roll with Clarified Butter

Angus Beef Burgers with Smoked Bacon and Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese

Mini New Zealand Lamb Chop with Tzatziki and Dill

Sea Scallops seared with a Cilantro Citrus and Caviar

Shrimp and Andouille Sausage Kabobs

Sliced Skirt Steak and Creamy Gorgonzola Grilled Crostini

Smoked Salmon served on Everything Flagel Points with Capers and Red Onion

Teriyaki Korean Short Ribs with Scallions

Dinner Entrees


Duet Plate with Gorgonzola Filet Mignon and Grilled Lobster Tail with Clarified Butter

Mahi Mahi with a Polynesian Chutney

Chicken Coq Au Vin with Burgundy Portobello Mushrooms and Melted Gruyere Cheese

Veal Cutlet Milanese with Arugula, Ricotta Salta and Lemon Caper Coulis

Applewood-wrapped Chicken Breast with a Hot Honey Glaze

Grilled Salmon atop a Beurre Blanc

Dijon Crusted Herb Rack of Lamb in a Meritage Demi Glaze

Grilled Mahi Mahi in a Creamy Lemon Garlic Sauce

Lunch & Brunch


Blackened Salmon, Roasted Tomatoes, Capers, Red Onion, Garlic, Olive Oil, Fresh Herbs

Grilled Shrimp, Avocado, Soft Shell Taco with Fresh Cilantro and Lime

Grilled Lobster, Bib Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Sliced Avocado and Fire Roasted Corn

Spinach Salad with Mushrooms, Crispy Bacon, Hard Boiled Eggs and Roasted Pine Nuts

Stuffed Breakfast Peppers with Cremini Mushroom Onions, Kale and Egg

Asparagus Tomato and Gorgonzola Cheese Frittata

Panko Crusted Chicken with an Ala Vodka inspired Cream Sauce

Chicken Bruschetta, Olive Oil, Shallot, Garlic, Basil and topped with Shaved Parmesan

Seasonal Menu Items


Dijon Herb Crusted Salmon

Grilled Tuna with Wasabi Dollop and Ponzu

Chicken topped with Oregano, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Shaved Parmesan and Olive Oil

Beef Medallions with Greek Yogurt and Poblano Pepper Sauce

Pesto and Sundried Tomato Prawns on Grilled Polenta Cakes

Fire Roasted Peppers stuffed with a Creamy Shredded Chicken and Artichoke Mix, topped with Seasoned Breadcrumbs


Pesto Roasted Chicken Breast

Lobster Meat along with a Creamy Bisque in a Buttery Pastry Shell

Chicken browned with Butter, Lemon Juice, Capers and White Wine

Pan-fried Chicken Cutlet Milanese, Fresh Arugula Shaved Pecorino Parmigiana, and Roasted Tomato and Lemon Wedges

Salmon Beurre Blanc simmered with Shallots and White Wine and finished with Cream

Sliced Black Angus Sirloin Steak topped with our Classic Chimichurri Sauce


Pomegranate Braised Short Rib with Root Vegetable Mash

Shredded Brisket in Pastry Puff with Duxelles Sauce and Seasoned Spaghetti Squash

Herb de Provence Chicken Breast drizzled with Pumpkin Coulis and Candied Sweet Potato

Chicken Roulade with Burrata Spinach and Sundried Tomato in a Chardonnay Glaze

Baked Pork Loin with Caramelized Onion and Apple

Salmon with Granny Smith Apple and Mustard Seeds in a Browned Butter with Brussel Sprouts


Crabmeat Stuffed Butterflied Shrimp with Spanish Paprika, Lemon Butter and Parsley

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Risotto with Shrimp, Calamari, Clams and Mussels

Garlic Roasted Prime Rib with a Whole Grain Mustard Sauce

Chicken Roulade with Brie, Cranberries and Spinach and a Glazed Pecan Vinaigrette

Roasted Halibut with White Truffled Risotto and Grilled Asparagus

Veal Fiorentina with Prosciutto, Wilted Spinach and Mozzarella in a Delicate Brown Sauce

Bar & Beverage Services


Our mixologists take you and your guests on a sensory journey through the finest alcohol brands, infusing the elegant flavors of vodka, bourbon, whisky, rum, gin, tequila, brandy, and cognac.

We can create a signature cocktail for your wedding or special event that all your guests will enjoy. We can provide a unique whisky or bourbon bar, or delight your guests with a selection of refreshing craft beers. Celebrate your nuptials with a champagne tower experience as you enjoy carefully placed coupe glassware with your favorite champagne flowing tier-to-tier and served for all to enjoy.

Guests are presented tableside selections of the finest Sonoma Chardonnays, Burgundian Pinot Noirs, Napa Valley Cabernets, or Chianti Classicos from Tuscany to complement their meal.

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